"Impastiamo la farina con il cielo"

Pasta as it should be: simple, healthy and full-flavoured. Pastificio Felicetti elevates Italian cuisine’s most famous dish to the status of a noble ingredient to be enjoyed every day, and with 11 kinds of pasta and over 200 different shapes, everyone will find a pasta they love. Selecting the best organic raw ingredients means purity: the real taste of pasta. This is why Felicetti products take pride of place on the tables of the most discerning connoisseurs, in the kitchens of the most renowned chefs and anywhere that only the best flavour will do. Our commitment to healthy and certified products and production processes has always been a mark of Felicetti and is also reflected in our keen participation in the Monograno project. The wheat we use and the impeccable way it is processed are what has always ensured our pasta is a top-quality product: traditional Italian pasta just as it should be. The best organic wheats are skilfully processed to give products a well-rounded and perfect flavour in terms of quality and taste.
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