The Pasta of Gragano. Makers of Maccheroni

Established in 1876, Pastificio Gentile stands as a cornerstone of artisanal pasta craftsmanship in Gragnano, renowned worldwide for its pasta-making heritage. True to tradition, Gentile continues to uphold meticulous production methods, paying utmost attention to every aspect, from the selection of raw materials to stringent quality control throughout the production process.

With a commitment to excellence, only the finest Italian semolina is chosen, with a preference for the esteemed Senatore Cappelli variety. Sourced from trusted suppliers like the Ferro Brothers Mill in Campobasso, the wheat undergoes careful processing with a focus on preserving its inherent quality and flavor.

The result is a premium pasta of unparalleled quality, distinguished by its superior aroma and texture. By employing the natural drying method known as “Cirillo,” Gentile ensures that each pasta retains its authentic character and embodies the rich culinary heritage of Gragnano.