It's Good to Eat Healthy

Imepa S.R.L is the story of family feats, bringing up a strong tradition of products coming from the earth, and for the traditional drying and conserve production system. Love for the impeccable manufacturing and the selection of the excellent primary products, have increased year by year the family products as much as to split the firm to become a real and personal brand La Macina Rossa, created in 1935 is a brand created for the pepper and hot pepper manufactured products. Discover the taste of natural things! Since 1935 Imepa select only the best vegetables, dried by natural methods to help you discover the taste healthy and genuine nature. Only the best Carnaroli rice mixed by hand with fresh vegetables, according to Italian recipes. Dehydrated seasonings, created to give a touch of colour and life to all your dishes, and make you feel like in Italy! Taste the herbs, cultivated with care and passion for you!