Passion, Robust Production and Expertise

Asiago Food chronicles the journey of wild mushrooms and berries from the Italian countryside to tables worldwide, a narrative woven by Monica and Massimo, the enduring founders. Their tale blends modernity with tradition, local roots with global reach, and personal passion with communal spirit. Originating over three decades ago amidst the cultural and environmental richness of the Seven Municipalities of the Asiago Plateau, Asiago Food celebrates a region where cultural identity and local distinctiveness converge.

Founded by Monica and Massimo, Asiago Food aimed to bring the bounty of their homeland—mushrooms and berries—to a broader audience, first locally and then across Italy and beyond. Their approach goes beyond mere supply chains; it fosters a collaborative system where each participant enriches the production process, turning it into a final product of excellence. Embracing their values rooted in the local land and its people, Asiago Food has grown significantly, now extending its influence into Bulgaria’s silvopastoral communities, known for their abundant mushrooms and forest fruits.

Their journey of passion, robust production, and expertise has propelled Asiago Food to leadership in the frozen mushroom sector, establishing Monica, Massimo, and their team as ambassadors of Italian gastronomic excellence worldwide.