1871 The year the idea began! Three men shipwrecked and swam their way to coastal Cosenza Calabria. Here, they settled into an old warehouse, where they found work with a gentleman "Giocondo", in a dark secret room, trading spices, which ultimately is now known, as the best Liquore from Calabria. Little is known of the life bestowed on Jefferson, Roger and Gil. What we do know is the beginning and end of a legendary story of how the Jefferson and Roger Amaro has been on everyone's kitchen table, bar or restaurant enjoyed by millions still to this day. Jefferson Amaro, a mix of fresh herbs that are harvested at exact time of year that blooms, bergamot, bitter & sweet oranges, rosemary, eucalyptus and oregano - the tingle of the tongue, a natural and unique taste enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. Roger Amaro, a bitter digestive:  hand harvested Calabrian citrus fruits, sweet and bitter oranges and bergamot with and selected bitter plants, such as gentian. Carlina (the silver thistle).  Filtered without any dye. Roger is a thoroughbred Amaro, making it an ideal digestive and mix product.