Enjoy the richness. Appreciate the diversity in every wine.

Founded in 1940 by Antonio Casano, the company still belongs to the family and is managed by Antonio’s daughter Giovanna and her husband. Antonio’s philosophy and objective of producing excellent quality wines are still at the core of Casano’s strategy and decision making, which is supported by the firm choice of using only native grapes and the commitment to preserving and enhancing the Marsala wine region. At the Casano’s cellar, highly developed technology and new vinification techniques ensure maximum respect and preservation of the best organoleptic characteristics of the grapes which are sourced from the family vineyard and carefully selected neighboring vineyards. Casano’s love and passion for good quality wine is expressed in all the products. Our production offers both Marsala’s intense and aromatic fortified wines in its best tradition and precious Sicilian table wines. At Casano we work to offer you the best quality wine, caring about every single detail and we hope you can enjoy the richness of our product whilst appreciating the diversity and detail in every wine.