The amazing tasteful experience with cakes and croissants for your holiday and everyday occurrences.

Melegatti is a leading brand in Italy since 1894 when Domenico Melegatti, the founder of the company, obtained the exclusive rights to produce the Pandoro, the 'golden cake' he invented himself. Since then the company has grown developing a huge range of cakes, Christmas specialities (Pandoro and Panettone cakes), Easter Colomba (dove shaped cake) and a new exclusive range of everyday croissants.

Today Melegatti exports in more than 50 countries and countless families around the world can’t imagine their holidays without the joyful and friendly atmosphere created by Melegatti products.

Furthermore a growing number of consumers choose the quality represented by Granleggeri, innovative light croissants with 30% less fats and 70% less sugar. Indulging in a real Italian breakfast, without sacrificing the taste factor, has never been so simple.

Among main Melegatti values are brand history and reputation, excellence, innovation of tradition, exciting packaging presentations, high quality standard certifications (BRC, IFS) and of course, a touch of inimitable Italian pastry tradition.
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