To respect traditions. To follow innovation.

Lucano is the result of tradition and has been improved through innovation. These are the values of the Vena family which, now in its fourth generation, have made the company a benchmark in the spirits industry in Italy and around the world since 1894 and continues to expand the business in new countries and in new business areas, adding new ranges and imported products. Amaro Lucano, company core business, was created in 1894 from a secret recipe by Cav. Pasquale Vena that has been handed down from generation to generation in the Vena family. Thanks to the skillful blend of more than 30 herbs it has a decisive taste that is perfect for all occasions. It can be enjoyed neat, chilled, with ice or orange zest. Perfect as a base for cocktails. Also other appreciated Italian liqueurs and spirits are produced and distributed by Lucano all over the world.
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